Effects Of Sugar On The Body

Sugar though sweet carries a bitter effect on the body when consumed in excess. When taken moderately may not show any adverse effect. Sugar is full of calories and has been implicated in diseases like cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes and also liver disease.Sugar that is ingested is broken down to its simpler components, glucose, enters the blood stream and triggers the release of insulin from the beta cells of pancreas, and insulin converts the glucose in to a form that can be stored called glycogen not only that, insulin also aids in the storage of fats leading to obesity. One of the part of the body that is affected by the excess consumption of sugar is the teeth, we have for long heard of the saying the toffees, chocolate and candy can eat your teeth, well this statement is not far from the truth, bacteria that reside in the mouth, though not very harmful due to the protective system in our body, may feed on the sugar and multiply and form a film called the plaque as the plaque hardens they form something called the tartar, this plaque and tartar can eventually erode the teeth to form cavities, once it progresses to this stage you are left with no option but to visit the dentist to fill the teeth up. Click here for more info on dentist Cardigan.

Excess glucose circulating in the blood may enter in between blood vessels and initiate a process that leads to the thickening of blood vessels, the thickened blood vessels may eventually lead to high blood pressure, and when the blood pressure in the body is high the heart has a high workload to pump against the resistance eventually leading to heart failure.

Most important high glucose means high insulin and at one point the body will stop reacting to insulin and the amount of insulin need to be released goes up which again increases the strain on the pancreas to produce more this would subsequently lead to the damage of pancreas.

How can one protect the body from the harmful effects of sugar? Visit bulk billing dentist Ballarat to monitor your teeth and get rid of tartar and plaque, use sugar substitutes, curb your sugar craving this may be difficult but there are some tips that can help you.Whenever you crave for sugar, eat little of the sugar stuff for example if you are person who eats 3-4 cookies start off by eating only 1 cookie when you are craving sugar.

Another thing you can do is combine food for example if you feel like eating chocolate pair it up with fruits; banana and chocolate. Consume meals on time, the more you are hungry the more you yearn for sugar. Whenever you feel like eating sugar substitute it with a fruit and try as much as possible to eat lots of fruits. With these slight changes you will be able to control your sugar addiction and maintain good health.