Importance Of Signs And Marks In Our Life

Language is the basic medium to communicate with each other and there are over millions of languages which people speak and understand around the globe. Each region, country, and cast have their own language and they like to talk in their own mother language. None of us can understand or speak each other language as we are not familiar to it. If we go to other countries, we would face communication issues as language is a huge hurdle for mingling and participating in daily life routines. As language is a barrier in making people understand their point of view and they could not convey their ideas and logics, a few signs and marks help them understand what other party is trying to say and they are common all around the globe. A pictorial language and signs facilitate people to take a step ahead where there is no one available to translate the idea.  

The standard signs are as follows 

The signs have a big importance in everyone life. Whether you are literate or illiterate, you can easily understand the meaning of pictures while looking at them.  

  • Zebra Crossing:  
    The marks of zebra crossing tell us that it is the space for the people who are walking. They can cross the road from this way. The line has black and white colour. People usually are very careless and they don’t bother to see where the zebra crossing is on the road and sometime, they fall in bad troubles. 
  • Car park line Marking: 
    Car park line marking in Sydney plays a vital role in managing the traffic. Now, the questions arise here is that how these lines help the traffic to manage. Line indicates that you can not park your car beyond the given line. The lines are drawn according to the space of the roads. It helps the traffic in a lot of way. It tells people that this is the space for them to park the car. 
  • Picture: 
    The language of pictures is so simple. It can easily be understood by everyone, even kids can understand pictorial language. We often see pictures as road marking on different roads specially on signals. These pictures make people aware where to go, from where to go, which is restricted area and where they have to stop. 

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