It is true that we have inherited the earth from our ancestors and our future generations will inherit it from us. The deteriorating condition of our planet is proof that we won’t be able to save much for our coming generations. The day by day rising global warming is a threat to all the species living on our planet be it humans, animals or plants. Our lives are at risk because of our own mistakes. Us the humans have done enough harm to the earth and now we shall be aware of the fact that fixing it is our responsibility too just as we damaged it. The rising temperatures all over the globe are because of the heat we humans have created in the atmosphere of the earth. This heat is created by the emission of chlorofluorocarbons by electronic appliances and various technological devices that are being introduced. The more and more technological advances are taking place, the more emissions rise in the atmosphere and like this, more heat rises in the air and ultimately the global warming takes over.

Protecting the environment is as necessary as it is breathing, eating, and living life. This is the time we should start taking initials and remedies to stop further global warming and make the earth a safe place for all the species be it humans, animals, or plants. We should stop the deforestation for construction purposes, and obtaining wood purposes. Deforestation is also a root cause of global warming. The trees have been cut down and therefore there is nothing to hold up the surface of the earth. Also, trees act up as a source of provision of fresh oxygen. The cut down of trees has led to an increase in the ratio of carbon dioxide in the air. Other than this, there are several more problems caused by humans that have led to global warming.

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